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This year’s seminar information can be found at: 2018 Seminar in North Carolina


A Little About CSAR

button1Canine Search and Recovery, Inc. – an International Organization (CSAR), was incorporated in the fall of 1996. The purpose of the organization is to provide training, networking and education for search dog handlers and to promote the increased use of search dogs in all aspects of detection. Click here to learn more about CSAR.

CSAR Membership Info

button2Canine Search and Recovery, Inc. provides every member with a vast network of information. All areas of search dog handling from training to courtroom testimony to record keeping for income tax purposes. This is vital information that can be obtained from CSAR by its members. One of CSAR’s major purposes is to work with newcomers to search and rescue. Click here for further CSAR Membership Information.


button4You don’t have to be a member to find exactly what you’re looking for through our CSAR Store. We have CSAR Merchandise available for all of your needs, from Annual and Lifetime CSAR Memberships, to Apparel and Drink ware. Click here to visit our CSAR Store.