CSAR 2019 Instructor Bios


DJ Beddow  - Urban Trailing

DJ has over 20 years’ experience in Emergency Planning Management and over 18 years in K9 Search and Rescue. She was first introduced to K9 work in the late 80’s as a Sergeant at Charlotte Correctional Institution. She is the Director, trailing/tracking trainer, and evaluator of SWFK9 Search Unit.  DJ is also Instructor and Evaluator for organizations like NNCDS, NASAR, and NCDI. She has trained throughout the United States and trained with internationally known authors and scientists of olfactory. She is the founder of N.C.D.I. and creator of Scent Specific K9 ExacTrak®. DJ is also an Evaluator for NASAR in Human Remains Detection, Area Search, and K9 Trailing.  She is a service dog trainer that trains K9’s for children and veterans around the United States.  She is NASAR SAR TECH II certified, OSHA 503 Trainer, CERT team, member of the Lee County Human Trafficking Task Force Advisory Board, canine designee for FDLE, Child Abduction Response Team, member of Keiser University Criminal Justice Advisory Board, Florida Fire Marshal and Inspectors Association, and member of NNCDS, NASAR, and N.C.D.I. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and is a Fire Inspector and Arson Investigator on the Lee County Arson Task Force in Southwest Florida. She has worked cases for numerous law enforcement agencies as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigations and State Fire Marshal. DJ Beddow and bloodhound Gracie Bell won the 2012/2013 Jimmy Ryce K9 Trailing Team of the Year in the State of Florida presented by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and State Governor. Combining scientific facts with studies, training and team assessment abilities is something DJ strives heavily on when working with each handler and canine as an individual team and partnering together with our canines. 

JJ Bachant Brown – Beginning Area

JJ has been doing Search and Rescue since 2004 and is a member of the KlaasKids Regional Search Operations Center – Pensacola, FL.  She has her NASAR SarTech II certification as well as being a NASAR Canine SarTech III – Area Search Evaluator.  She has been an instructor for Area Search in the past for both NNOCDS and CSAR.  Her first SAR dog, Ivan – a black lab named after Hurricane Ivan – passed away in 2016 after a long and successful career.  JJ and her current Area Search K9, Onxy – another black lab – are currently certified in NASAR Canine SarTech III – Area Search, and have been previously certified by NOCSAR and NNOCDS.  Her other dog, Luna – an American Bulldog mix – was retired in 2015 after having both her knees replaced.  Luna was training in HRD and is now an ambassador for the unit during public events.  JJ owns and operates her business The DogSmith of Florida’s Gulf Coast were she is a certified professional Dog Trainer and Pet Care Technician.  She is in the final process of completing her dog behavior consulting diploma through DogNostics.  JJ is also a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, an instructor for DogGone Safe, and a professional member of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG).              

MaryMargaret Crestani Eberle -- Intermediate Area

MaryMargaret has been a member of the North Alabama Search Dog Association since 2003. She has worked both area and HRD dogs, although her current dog is area only. She has worked a Newfoundland, Nereus; two flat coated retrievers, Scout and Triton (currently in training); and a Lab, Katie (currently active). Katie and Scout are/were both NASAR Certified Area Dogs (area K9 Sartech III and II respectively, and HRD for Scout). Mary Margaret is an experienced adult educator having taught at the University of Alabama School of Medicine for many years. She has assisted in teaching at search seminars in both beginning level classes as well as at multilevel classes for several years.

Natalie Castle – Advanced Area

Natalie has been active in Search and Rescue for 30 years.  She is currently a member of Los Angeles Search Dogs, where she works with the LA Sheriffs Dept. and the LA Coroners.  Natalie is also a member of California Rescue Dogs Association (CARDA), a statewide organization and deploys through the Office of Emergency Services.  She is a former member of Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado, Michigan Urban Search and Rescue, and Michigan Technical Rescue Operation team.  She has worked and certified dogs in Area/Air scent, Cadaver, and Trailing.  She is currently working a Belgian Malinois in Cadaver, and GSD in Trailing.  Natalie has deployed in disaster situations in Papua New Guinea, Nepal, and the mudslides in Montecito, CA. 

Terry Camp – Beginning Trailing

Terry is a NASAR ST I, NASAR ST II Evaluator & NASAR K9 Lead Evaluator for Tracking/Trailing, HRD Land and Area Search.  She has been involved in working K9s in SAR for over 13 yrs. and has certified them through NASAR to type I, II, and III, and NAPWDA Tracking/Trailing and Area Search.  While living in GA, Terry was a Member of and K9 Team Leader for the Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services SAR Team for 10 yrs.  She and her husband moved to TN in 2016 were Terry became a member of Tennessee Special Response Team-A. She was a firefighter and EMT for Hudson Bend Volunteer Fire Dept for 5 yrs. when living in TX.  Terry has worked several breeds but currently works a GSD and Belgian Malinois in Tracking/Trailing and a Belgian Tervuren and Pitbull Mix in HRD. 

 Pam Nyberg – Intermediate Trailing

Pam has been involved with search and rescue for the past 15 years.  She was a founding member of Alpha Team SAR in 2004, which is based in the metro Atlanta, GA area.  Her breed of choice is the Labrador Retriever.  Pam is currently working 3 Labradors:  2 are operational.  She has been working Jazz, certified in HRD for the past 6 years and Bodi, certified in Trailing, for the past 10 years.  Gibbs, her 3rd canine, is training to be the next scent specific trailing partner for Pam.  Living in metro Atlanta area has provided numerous opportunities for interesting and challenging deployments in both disciplines.  In addition, Pam has participated in numerous K9 seminars throughout the country. She has also instructed trailing classes at some of these seminars.

Detective Lieutenant Arthur (Art) Wolff – Advanced Trailing

Art is a 40 year law enforcement officer with 45 years of search and rescue experience.   He is currently employed as a Detective Lieutenant with responsibilities for criminal investigations. He also oversees and trains search and rescue canine teams.  Over his career he has trained and worked various breeds and their handlers from the law enforcement perspective as well as search and rescue.  He has been lucky enough that as he has been promoted through his two primary agencies he was able to continuously work and train canines. He is currently working his fifth canine and all of them have had tracking/trailing as one of their disciplines.  Art brings a perspective to his training of not just a trainer/handler but also as a search manager and criminal investigator.  Having spent many missions as a manager and criminal investigator he knows the value of good tracking/trailing canine teams, and the downfall of poor ones.  He has seen what works and what does not in the real world and bases his teaching and handling on that.  As a trainer/handler for a major urban department that was adjacent to the Everglades and now for a more rural department, he has experienced a wide range of environments within which the teams must be able to successfully work.  From summer heat in the south, mountain winters, urban areas, tropical forests, and dealing with the technology used by teens to avoid being found, he brings these experiences to his training methods.

Janet Geist – Beginning/Intermediate Water HRD

Janet is a member of the North Alabama Search Dog Association.  She is currently training her young dog Barrington in Area Search with plans to crosstrain him to HRD.  Her older operational dog Tusket is HRD only and has a number of land and water finds to his credit.   Janet has been training in live airscent and cadaver work since 1996, and has also trained and certified Chaos, a Belgian Malinois, in airscent, Jester, a GSD-something mix, in Airscent and HRD.  Janet and Jester had a dozen water finds over his career – not bad for a dog she was once told “would never work water”.  Janet is also a NASAR evaluator for live and HRD. She is an avid hiker and outdoor person and enjoys combining that with her love of working dogs. She has a background as a dog obedience trainer and instructor. Janet has taught at previous CSAR seminars, and particularly enjoys working with beginner dogs (and handlers). Janet has been a member of CSAR for many years, having served on the board in the past and currently.

Darcy Harbaugh – Advanced Water HRD

Darcy is a member of the North Alabama Search Dog Association. She is currently training her fourth dog, Blue, in area search and fielding her older dog Beckett in both area and land and water HRD.  She has certified all her dogs multiple times with NASAR in Area and HRD.  She is a Lead Evaluator for NASAR in both Area and HRD Land.  She has a number of water finds with each dog, and has taught water before at CSAR.  She enjoys all aspects of training and teaching, with the goal of giving each student areas to work and methods to do so. Darcy has a history with AKC Obedience and tracking, as well as some agility.  She taught obedience for a number of years and enjoys learning new techniques and methodologies.  She has also previously served CSAR as Secretary and President and has been a member of the organization for about 20 years.

Lou Ann Metz – Beginning Land HRD

Lou Ann is the Fire Chief of the Bainbridge Township Fire Department in northeast Ohio. She is a 38-year veteran firefighter, a nationally registered paramedic, and a hazard material specialist. She completed the COBRA anti-terrorism program at Anniston, AL.  Lou Ann is a certified Fire and EMS Instructor and teaches across the US, Canada and Europe.  She is a founding member of Summit Search and Rescue Dogs which serves as the search and rescue resource for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Lou Ann is a NASAR SAR Tech II and has trained and certified dogs in Wilderness Airscent and HRD. She is currently training her sixth dog, Lava, in HRD.  She is a longtime member of CSAR and is the current Vice President. She has instructed at CSAR conferences as well as other venues across the US and Canada.

Lisa Higgins – Intermediate Land HRD

Pat Horn – Advanced Land HRD

Pat is the team founder and leader of Missouri Region “C” Technical Rescue Team K9 Division since 1995. He has studied and trained at the Quantico FBI Academy where he received his first dog, Jetta.  Pat has developed his K9 search criteria and requirements for his maximum competence, by training under Andy Rebmann, Shirley Hammond, as well as several others. Due to the capabilities and accomplishments of the MRC team, with Pat as the helm, this team was the first K9 team to be utilized by the FBI Evidence Recovery Team in the Midwest.  Another one of MRC’s accomplishments with Pat as its leader has been to receive the “Exceptional Service in the Public Interest” Award presented by the Director of the FBI Louis Freh. Also, at the inception of the St. Louis Metropolitan Heavy Rescue Task Force, MRC was invited to be the “Search Element” for all 5 Strike Teams of the Task Force. Pat has accomplished many rolls in his career which began as a Professional Firefighter in North St. Louis County in 1979.  Pat is the acting Captain in Charge of Water Rescue Operations, Rescue Boat Operator, Swift Water Technician, Haz-Mat Technician, Canine Search Specialist, Instructor for MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute, Instructor for MO Emergency Training Specialists, Instructor for FBI Forensic Archeology Training, instructed both St. Louis County Police and Fire Academies, CSAR Board Member and HRD/Water HRD Instructor.  Pat has been a member of NSDA, NAPWDA, and IPWDA, attended Fire Investigations School, and Fire Service Instructor.

Dennis Schenk – Advanced Land HRD

Dennis has been a member of Illinois Wisconsin Search Dogs for over 22 years. He works both scent specific trailing and land /water cadaver dogs. He is now training and handling his third working dog, GUS.  GUS is NAPWDA (North American Police Working Dog Association)  cadaver and trailing certified, L.E.T.S. (Law Enforcement Training Specialist International) cadaver land and water certified. He has instructed cadaver classes for 12 years at multiple CSAR and other seminars.  Dennis is one of  CSAR’s original members.  He has been a past CSAR board member and is presently CSAR’s President, having served in that position for the past six years. He currently resides just outside of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.